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Gone are the days of accepting ‘off the rack’ anything. Consumers these days are demanding custom fit and custom style. From selecting the colour of your new car interior, through to the type of Nike’s you are ordering, custom is everywhere now.


In custom cycling clothing and triathlon clothing, Champion System has been creating custom design cycling jerseys, triathlon suits and running tops for 12 years. We have seen the market booming and we have seen it at its lowest, we have seen the trends and we have seen many competitors come and go. You could say we have been providing custom design well before it was a trend and I guess that is true, however, just providing a custom design is not enough in todays market – personalised fit is the new domain and where custom clothing is heading.


Champion System already provide customised fitting. Choose race cut or club cut, male or female, full sizing range and a number of different collections that are specifically designed for the style of training or racing you do. Choose from sleeveless suits, aero skinsuits, lightweight jerseys or heavyweight winter items – we literally have it all.


Champ Sys also offer additional custom options, that truly start to offer one off items fit specifically for the athlete. Custom sleeve length on jerseys, custom names on tri suits, shorter or longer leg length on bib shorts and different length options on tri suits. All these small touches add to the ability to find a garment that is fit to you.


Contact us and lets have a discussion on how we can best tailor a custom clothing package for your team, club or group.

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