13 Years of Change.

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I have been involved in custom clothing now for 13 years, I have seen massive changes in the industry – technical enhancements, fashion trends, fabric improvements, e-store developments and now the challenges associated with a worldwide pandemic – you can say I have seen it all and live and breathe this industry – it takes something special to get me excited about clothing these days.

We have been working on developing a new range of cycling clothing for many months now, Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works, delaying our release, however after many sample iterations, fabric samples, size checks, adjustments and on road testing, a special box arrived in our Sydney office a couple of weeks ago.

It sat there in the corner for a few days – our pivot towards face masks meant we had just received a shipment and my new role as pick and packer was in full flow so it remained neglected. Finally I pulled the box onto the desk and carefully opened it up to reveal the first run of jerseys fresh off our production line.

For the first time in a long time I was super excited about getting out on the bike and wearing this new kit – it really looked great as I laid the jerseys out. The office was a buzz as each of us pulled a bag open to reveal the new 2020 kit – there was genuine excitement in the air. Every aspect of this range has been reviewed. All new fabrics across all collections, simplification of the items we offer and value adding throughout the entire range has resulted in our best offering for 2020.

When you start something from a concept, then follow through sourcing, pre production, sampling and a myriad of other challenges – all the way to final delivery, there is a certain amount of pride and achievement that comes with it. We are really keen to get this new product out to you so you can feel what we do when you get on the bike.

Available now to order. Keep an eye out on our social media for the new product releases and further information.

Contact us to discuss the new range, order a sample pack or get your order started! 

Chris Reynolds - Managing Director, Champion System Australia.

Pictured Above: Tech Jersey

Pictured Above: Performance Jersey

Pictured Above: Apex Jersey


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