Minimum Orders & Pricing

Current Pricelist can be viewed or downloaded here.

We offer best in Class Flexible Minimums - based on UNITS only. No minimums required per apparel kind, for example, you don't have to get ten of the same cycling jersey.

Prices are based on a minimum order of 10 UNITS. Reorders using a previous design have a 5 UNIT minimum. Our tops, bottoms, skinsuits, jackets and vests are each considered 1 UNIT. 5 accessories of the same product = 1 UNIT. 

UNITS Example:

   3 Jerseys + 3 Bib Shorts + 1 Vest + 1 Skinsuit + 1 Jacket + 5 caps = 10 UNITS. 

Units can be a mix of lines, gender, cuts, and other customization options.

Orders that do not meet minumums can be placed at higher pricing. Contact us for details. 


Race Numbers have a minimum of 300. Assessory only orders have a minimum of 50 pieces. Accessories can be added to order but require 5 pieces of like product to equal 1 UNIT.

ACCESSORY ONLY ORDER - Just want to order a bunch of socks or some caps? No problems! We just need 10 UNITS of accessories.
• 20 pairs of Socks, 10 pairs of Arm Warmers, 10 pairs of Leg Warmers, 10 x Caps = 10 UNITS


This only applies to orders created after May 1, 2023. All orders $200.00 or more will include free shipping. Orders under $200.00 will have a $15.00 shipping charge added at checkout.


We do not receive any bulk discounts from our factory. Each piece is individually printed, cut and sewn. Depending on the apparel pieces, we may be able to offer quantity discounts. Please contact for more infomation.

• 50 pairs of Socks = 10 UNITS