Placing Individual Orders

Ordering Instructions for Shopify stores
Size chart points to a very form fit. Size Guide
If there is any question, we recommend sizing up:
The APEX line is designed to be VERY snug; most people order up one or two sizes. Product Catalog – descriptions here. Please order from a desktop or laptop computer. These are custom orders with many important details that are better viewed on a large screen.
Recommend using a computer or large handheld. This is a custom order, and it is important to be able to view the details clearly. Free shipping on orders $200 and over, $15 shipping under $200.
First click on your store link that is supplied by your team manager.

1.Click thumbnail image of product you want (Jersey for example)

2.Enter preferences, sizes and quantities for that product.

3. Click Add to Cart

4. When you are finished selecting items click on the shopping cart icon to the upper right.

5. View your cart and click CHECKOUT

6. Fill out shipping and payment

7. Your order will go into production after the store closes.

Our Four Customer Commitments:

Lifetime Quality Commitment

Using our gear is the best proof of our commitment to quality performance. We are fully confident in the quality and crafting of our apparel. We will replace any items that fails to due to craftsmanship. This commitment does not include normal wear and tear of apparel from use and laundering.

Size Commitment 

Effective on products shipped May 1, 2023, or after. If your new apparel item doesn't fit, you may return it at your own shipping expense for either a refund of the cost of the item or have the item remade in a different size. Size remakes are only offered one time per item. You must initiate your Size Commitment within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Receipt of returned garments is required before refund or remakes will be initiated. Please see the additional terms here.

Crash Replacement Commitment

At Champion System, we encourage all of you to get out there and get after it. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of our sports is the occasional crash. To help lessen the burden of a crash, we will replace a garment shipped within the last 12 months that is made unwearable by a crash. This does not apply to garments that were received as a part of a previous warranty initiative/claim. Fitness Flexibility Commitment We support your athletic progress, and we back it up with our Fitness Flexibility Commitment. If you are dedicated to training hard, and as a result need a different size than your current season garment, we will happily provide you with one new garment for FREE! This does not apply to garments that were received as a part of a previous warranty initiative/claim. Must have shipped within the last 12 months.