Our Chamois




We use high-quality 100% Italian chamois specifically designed by our partner, Dr Pad®. Dr Pad® is an Italian company operating out of Montebelluna, Italy, and are specialists in the design and manufacture of pads specifically for cycling clothing, continually developing new materials and production methods to meet the changing demands of the sport. Many clothing brands use Dr Pad® pads, such as Sportful, Castelli, Trek, and Hincapie. Champion System has commissioned specifically shaped molds for each chamois style for our exclusive use... no other manufacturer has these, so this is not an 'off the shelf' chamois pad anyone can buy.

Thanks to Dr Pad's patented cutting technology, our chamois pads provide a smooth, highly breathable, antibacterial, low-irritation surface. On top of industry-leading 4-Way stretch high-density foam, shaped precisely to the contours of the rider's specific gender. These Dr Pad® chamois feature 3D Thermo Moulding, enabling an anatomic fit for unrivaled comfort.


GranFondo Chamois 

Suitable for:
• Density: 120kg/m3 • Short to mid-range distance
• Thickness: 2 - 10mm • Rated up to 3 - 4 hr distance
• Fabric: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastin • Prefers close road feel
• Rapid sweat transpiration
• Lightweight, highly breathable
• Gender-specific fit
• Available in Men's Navy, Women's Green




      Endurance+ Chamois 

      Specs:  Suitable for:
      • Density: 120kg/m3 • Longer distance, gravel riding and stage racing
      • Thickness: 2 - 15mm • Rated up to 8 hr distance
      • Fabric: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastin • Prefers additional support
      • Antibacterial cover • Casual riders
      • Ventilation channels • Ultimate comfort
      • Gender-specific fit
      • Available in Men's Red, Women's Light Blue

      Men's Endurance+ Pad      Women's Endurance+ Pad



      Apex Triathlon Chamois

      The CS Apex Pad is specifically designed for triathlon and features increased padding in the most critical areas to provide hours of comfort. Our exclusive Seamless Comfort Technology (SCT) ensures the pad will conform to your body by eliminating all seams while still offering maximum breathability. Available for men and women.

      Please note that Carvico fabric is used to supply the fabric to cover our Champion System chamois. Attached is their Oeko-Tex certification