Artwork & Design

Design Concept 

At Champion System we need you to come to us with either a completed design or clear ideas or a design concept. We can then take those and turn them into reality for you. Ideally your ideas can be conveyed by a digital drawing, vector files, images - any way you can get your design concept clearly across to us - we will then create design proofs based on that input and go from there.

At Champion System, we understand it's important to get the right design. That's why we don't charge for changes - you can have as many designs and as many changes as you need to get your design right.


Our customers send us all types of logos and artwork to use in custom design. Unfortunately not all formats are acceptable for digital sublimation printing.

Most logos that are pulled off websites or business cards etc are of a very low resolution meaning that they will not appear sharp and clear when printed. For the best results on your custom clothing we prefer the following file types:

  • Adobe Illustrator - AI files
  • Encapsulated Post Script - .eps files
  • High resolution - over 300 dpi - .pdf files

These files are referred to as Vector format files. This means that they can be resized and manipulated without losing resolution on the file meaning that they will look sharp and clear on your custom clothing.

Print Colors 

Champion System uses the industry standard Pantone Matching System to ensure that the colours in your design are printed accurately. That means every color choice in your design files must have a Pantone system code selected.

Please note that the color chart is a rough way to choose colours as the shade and tone may vary depending on computer monitors, fabrics and inks used. To be absolutely sure, a Pantone Colour Formula Book is recommended and can be found in most art and print stores. You can also find the color swatches here.

Please Note: Our color swatches on the website maybe a different shade or tone due to it be on screen.

If you are not 100% certain on the colors you have provided us we suggest you request a COLOR SWATCH - they are free, but will take at least two weeks to produce. A color sample will ensure you are 100% happy with the color before production.

Common Questions

What is a vector file?

Vector art is created in a vector-based software program like Adobe Illustrator and usually have file endings like .EPS or .AI (mylogo.eps, or These sort of files use mathematical equations to draw lines to ensure the image can be scaled easily.

The picture left shows the difference between a vector logo and a raster logo (.JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, etc.). When the vector logo is enlarged, it stays crisp and clean. When the bitmap logo is enlarged, it becomes distorted. If you send us a .JPG logo and we enlarge it to fit on your uniform, it will become distorted.

How do I know if my logos are vector files? 

If the file you have ends in .JPG, .GIF .or BMP, it is definitely NOT vector artwork. If the file ends in .AI, .EPS or .PDF, it's most likely vector. If you're not sure if your logo is vector, email the logo to your assigned sales rep and they will be able to help you.

I don't have vector logos. What should I do? 

Contact your sponsor and ask them to email you their vector logo. Most likely they have one on file, as vector logos are needed for all printing needs like business cards, brochures, etc. IF you absolutley can not get vector logos - let us know - we can redraw within reason - UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS THIS IS DONE AT NO CHARGE!

I have logos from a website. Will those work? 

Website images are designed to load up quickly, which means they are low resolution and we can't use them.

How about business cards. Can you use those? 

Sorry, business card images are also low resolution and won't work.