Face Masks

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Champion System has been a part of your community for over 13 years all over the globe. As humankind continues to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19 we wanted to provide a product that helps protects you and your community.

Our fabric face masks provide protection for you and others around you, minimising the spread of airborne particles. 

**THESE ARE NON-MEDICAL GRADE MASKS. Fabric face covers are recommended by the Australian government**

Comfortable, quality, washable and reusable fabric masks. 

Available in single or multi packs - Use One, Wash One, Dry One


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“I have been using and recommending Champion System to my clients for several years. I love their product range and can hand on heart trust their delivery and service promise. I know they will never let me or my clients down and that they produce a fantastic product. Plenty of companies make good product but when you find a company that does what they say 100% of the time, it’s very easy to remain loyal and to recommend them to others”