Leading With Our Hearts

Our Social Responsiblity

From supporting youth cycling to sexual and domestic assault survivors, we lead with our hearts and take action on the pressing issues facing our community and industry.

Raising $15,000 for Survivors

Social distancing and isolation continue to keep many at home, spurring a nationwide increase in domestic violence. Unsafe home conditions have put a strain on already limited resources for shelters and crisis centers.

A portion of all our reusable face masks and other goods in our COVID-19 Relief Online Store will be donated to the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

  • Donation Goal: $15,000 80% 80%
We stand in solidarity with those who speak out against the systemic racism in our country. We join in with our fellow Nebraskans who call out the name of James Scurlock in pain and sorrow. We call on our local government to bring justice for James.  

Immediately, we are able to match up to $2,000 in donations to organizations supporting Black Nebraskans. 

How to participate: Donate to the organization. Post a screenshot of your donation and tag us on social media, or email us the receipt at susanc@champ-sys.com, and we will match your donation.

A few organizations you can donate to:

We would like to thank Machines For Freedom for leading the industry with their matching program. Their leadership provided the framework for us to do this in Nebraska.

Cycling Industry Pledge

As leaders in the cycling industry, we are responsible for making our workplaces, communities, and world genuinely inclusive. The Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP) holds companies accountable to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community and includes the WTF Guiding Principles for any individual to take.

National Interscholastic Cycling Association

We are proud to be a NICA Partner to help foster the development of NICA as an organization supporting the expansion of new mountain bikign leagues across the country.