We took a look back at our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equality, identifying areas of the industry we felt we could impact, and have set our guidelines and accountability actions for 2021.

At Champion System USA, we believe in representation over results. Recognizing the gaps within our industry, we want to facilitate creating a stronger framework for more diverse representation.

We are all learning as we strive to make your community inclusive for everyone. Sometimes the biggest question is, “Well, what do we need to do?” Below, we also list proven actions to facilitate and create a more diverse, equal and inclusive community to help get the conversation going.

Event Sponsorship & Support

For events seeking support from Champion System USA, we ask they make the following commitments:

  • Provide equal pay/prizes in any form for men’s and women’s, pro, masters, and junior categories
  • Provide equal race opportunities, distances, and field size limits across each level
  • Provide equal race coverage, including day of announcements, social media coverage, and photography/videography

Actionable ideas to facilitate increased participation, diversity, and inclusivity at events: 

  • Offer discounts to women, LGBTQIA+ racers, or BIPOC racers

  • Schedule women’s elite races at prime-time

  • Don’t combine women’s fields with juniors or men’s field. If you have a combined field size limit, reserve a certain number of registrations for women, LGBTIA+ athletes or BIPOC athletes. (ex: 200 Women for 200 Miles)

  • Offer exclusive early registration for women, LGBTIA+ athletes or BIPOC athletes

  • Ask a sponsor who aligns with your vision for inclusion to cover any costs associated with putting these ideas into action (ex: Machines for Freedom & Mission Crit)

Team Sponsorships

To encourage diversity, we offer an equity-based sponsorship tiers for teams, organizations, and groups seeking support from Champion System USA. Depending on diverse representation in the group, we will provide different levels of support.

Diverse representation includes any athletes who identify as underrepresented demographics (women, LGBTQIA+, or BIPOC). Contact us to discuss your team’s sponsorship.

Actionable ideas to facilitate increased participation, diversity, and inclusivity as a team:

  • Encourage a minimum of volunteer work in the community
  • Encourage a minimum attendance/volunteering for clinics or workshops created for women,  LGBTQIA+ athletes, or BIPOC athletes 
  • Create a team clinic or workshop, panel, Q&A, or educational series.
  • Encourage the use of resources related to diversity, inclusivity and equality

Company Commitments & Policies

We move forward with humility and a commitment to learning and listening. We will be the first to admit; we don’t know what a wholly diverse, inclusive, and equitable industry looks like. However, we know what it doesn’t look like, and we will do our part in moving the needle forward.

We commit to:

  • Bi-annual staff DEI-specific training to continually educate ourselves.
  • Publicly publishing our DEI policies and procedures for transparency and accountability.
  • When positions are available, hire a diverse workforce. 
  • Sponsor underserved teams and athletes through equity-based models.
  • Holding a zero-tolerance discrimination policy for staff, ambassadors, and sponsored and teams.
  • Offer equal apparel offerings and options across genders.

By itself, the bicycle will not bridge the gap. It is up to us – as people and a company – who must use our power and platform to make concerted inclusivity efforts.

– The Champion System USA Crew