Cycling has an issue with race—decades of lacking positive representation and accessibility, while blatant displays of racism and everything in between has perpetuated racial inequality.

By itself, the bicycle will not bridge the gap existing between races today. It is up to us – as people and a company – who must use our power and platform to make concerted efforts towards inclusivity.

We admit we are part of the problem. 

As a fifteen-year-old company, we have contributed to the divide, and although we have put in work to be part of the solution – we can and will continue to work harder.

We commit to being held accountable. 

Coming into this year, Champion System USA signed a pledge to move the needle towards racial equality as racism is not new in our industry or our country. 

Our diversity and inclusivity commitment was to be announced with finalized details. Unfortunately, it was tabled as we shifted entirely to keeping our doors open and employees paid through the pandemic. 

With the conversation happening across our nation, we believe our commitment needs to be shared now. The BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and especially Black people, in our industry deserve more than vague statements.

We will move forward with humility and ask for feedback. 

We do not ask to make it others’ responsibility to teach us how to be more inclusive, but instead, we recognize we don’t have all the answers. 

We recognize our privilege.

We are a small, midwest-based company with white employees, and therefore, we are privileged in this industry. Our lack of racial diversity is an issue we address through our inclusivity commitments. 

We will show up every day, and not just now. 

Champion System USA is committed to the following actions to encourage and create inclusivity in our industry, sport, and company:


  • Bi-annual staff DEI specific trainings. It is our responsibility as allies to educate ourselves and continually strive to make safe spaces within our communities.
  • Hire a diverse workforce. We will intentionally share job opportunities to underrepresented populations in addition to public postings.
  • Seek out and sponsor underserved teams and athletes. We recognize we live and work primarily with white folks, and we must acknowledge the “knowing-a-guy” networking our industry is built on creates a cycle of exclusivity.
  • We hold a zero-tolerance policy. We respect the stance of different opinions and welcome them. However, we do not tolerate any act of oppression, disrespect, hatred or attack on a human for any reason by our staff, athletes, or teams.
  • Offer equal apparel offerings and options across genders. As a long-standing company in a male-dominated industry, we have unequal options embedded in our offerings. We commit to having our apparel offered equally across genders with each piece being available in men’s and women’s cuts.

We stand in solidarity with those who speak out against the systemic racism in our country. We join in with our fellow Nebraskans who call out the name of James Scurlock in pain and sorrow. We call on our local government to bring justice for James.  

Immediately, we are able to match up to $2,000 in donations to organizations supporting Black Nebraskans. 

How to participate: Donate to the organization. Post a screenshot of your donation and tag us on social media, or email us the receipt at, and we will match your donation.

A few organizations you can donate to:

We would like to thank Machines For Freedom for leading the industry with their matching program. Their leadership provided the framework for us to do this in Nebraska.

Leading With Our Hearts

Our Social Responsiblity 

From supporting youth cycling to sexual and domestic assault survivors, we lead with our hearts and take action on the pressing issues facing our community and industry.