Ultra-distance athlete Christie Tracy explains ultra-distance racing like putting together a puzzle, where each piece only fits with planning, research, and experimenting.

The national and world champion has built her wardrobe with meticulous attention to detail based on comfort, safety, and performance.

Starting With A Comfortable Foundation

When you’re in the saddle for over 24 hours, a comfortable foundation is key.

“I wear a jersey/bib combo for direct follow Ultra Races because temperatures will frequently change as I ride up and over mountains and into desert valleys and from day into night. Layering, as well as storing things in pockets, is essential.” 

Apex+ Bib Short

Apex+ Aero Jersey

The Need for Versatility

With drastic temperature swings, high-performance and versatile layers are absolutely critical when building an ultra racing wardrobe.

Apex Winter Jacket

Performance Wind Vest

Performance Intermediate Jacket

The Unexpected Picks

When putting together the final pieces of the puzzle that is ultra racing, Christie is being creative with using apparel you wouldn’t expect.

“It’s almost as if the CX Tights were made for Ultra Racing. Chamois-free and with zippers that won’t chafe, they’re a fantastic solution I can quickly pull over the top of my bibs during frigid sections of the evening.” 

Base Layer Pro Sleeveless – Full Custom

Skull Cap

Locarno Tee