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Product Round-up: Ultra Distance Riding

Product Round-up: Ultra Distance Riding

Ultra-distance athlete Christie Tracy explains ultra-distance racing like putting together a puzzle, where each piece only fits with planning, research, and experimenting. The national and world champion has built her wardrobe with meticulous attention to detail based...

Crafted to Race

Crafted to Race

Worn to WorldTour victory, this product round-up consists of our fastest, most technical gear. Developed for years to save you seconds, it's the gear of choice for some of the fastest folks around.The Crit Champion's KitFor Overall USA Crit Champion Thomas Gibbons,...

Champion System Plus+ Cycling Range

Champion System Plus+ Cycling Range

Retaining all the favorite features, the new Apex+, Performance+, and Tech+ cycling ranges bring updated features, perfected fits, and new high-performing fabrics.Apex+ CollectionOur Apex Range is second to none. Elite fitting, sweat-wicking, highly breathable,...


Champion System apparel has three primary collections, Apex, Performance, and Tech, to suit every type of athlete.


Between cutting-edge construction techniques and top-of-the-line fabrics, the Apex Collection is made for your fastest performances.


The Performance Collection is fast, technical and comfortable with all-around function. It’s the perfect go-to option, whether you’re training, racing, or on the local coffee ride or run.


Our Tech Collection is perfect for those athletes looking for affordable quality and the right fit. Ideal for those new to the sport.


Champion System offers three different cuts in our jerseys. All jersey models are available in a men and women’s cut.


Designed to be a looser fitting garment. This cut is more generous around the arms, chest and slightly longer in length. It’s approximately 1 to 1.5″ longer than the race cut.


Designed to be a tighter fitting, euro style garment, the race cut is shorter and closer fitting than the club cut.


A women’s specific tailored cut offering unparalleled comfort.


Champion System offers a wide range of chamois options.


We aim to keep up with the trends in the market, so we now offer a half height collar option on some of our jerseys. 


Champion System offers a number of gripper options on our cycling shorts, and they differ by collection.