Minimums & Pricing

Mix & Match Minimums 

Instead of asking you to order batches of the same item, we offer the flexibility of mix and match minimums.

Our standard pricing shown on the website applies to new orders meeting only a 10-unit, mix and match minimum. When reordering the exact same design, standard pricing is available starting at only five units.

What is a unit?

Each top, bottom and suit counts as one unit. All minimums can be met with any combination of units, no matter the size, cut, or collection. Accessories of the same type, in groupings of five are considered one unit.

Shipping & Fees

All of our pricing is transparent. You won’t be charged with fees to set-up your design or to have more colors printed on your apparel (we offer unlimited colors, by the way!).

Individual Shipping on all Team Stores

The days of sorting through packages and arranging pick-up times are over. All team store orders now ship individually. Here are the current rates for team store orders:


Order Amount Shipping Rate 
< $200 $15
$201-400 $30
$401 < $45

Shipping Rates on Standard Orders

The only charge outside of our product pricing is a flat rate for shipping & handling. Here are the current rates for standard orders:

Order Amount Shipping Rate 
< $1000 $90
$1000 – $1,999 $120
$2,000 – $2,999 $130
$3,000 – $3,999 $160
$4,000 – $4,999 $190
$5,000 – $5,999 $200
$6,000 – $6,999 $250
$7,000 – $7,999 $280
$8,000 – $8,999 $310
$9,000 – $9,999 $340
$10,000 < $1500

Bulk Custom Orders, Designed to Fit Your Needs

Champion System offers bulk custom orders with discounted prices on our fully customizable cycling, run, and triathlon apparel.

With special pricing starting at 500 pieces, the bulk services include free design support, unlimited color placements, inclusive sizing, and fast turnarounds for fully custom apparel.


Build excitement for your event and let loyal fans spread the word about their experience with custom apparel.

Corporate Wellness

Support your organization's culture of health with branded apparel for your employees. 


Build and market a brand you’re proud of with fully customizable apparel.