Minimums & Pricing

We do things differently at Champion System when it comes to minimum orders. 

Instead of asking you to order batches of the same item, we offer the ability to mix and match products  to meet our minimum order requirements.

What is the minimum order?

The standard pricing shown on the website is the per item price of ordering at least twenty units for new orders. When reordering from previously used designs, you’ll only need to order 10 units.

Need fewer than twenty items? We can do it, but the price per item will increase, so we recommend you start by talking to one of our account managers.

Any combination of units can meet the minimum. Whether it’s women’s or men’s, from different collections, a mix of suits, bibs, jerseys and a couple of blocks of accessories – it doesn’t matter, as long as you order at least twenty units.

By counting units, instead of items, it makes customizing your order to the individual needs of your team, club, or event attendees possible without any extra cost.

What is a unit?

All of our main items such as jerseys, singlets, shorts, and jackets are classified as one unit.
All of our accessories can be ordered in 5 item blocks of the same product – also equal to one unit.

Here are a couple of examples:

Main Items Only:

6 Jerseys + 6 Bib Shorts + 4  Vests + 4 Tri Suits  = 20 Units

Main & Accessory Unit Mix:

8 Speedsuits + 8 Jackets + 10 Caps + 10 Sets of Arm Warmers = 20 units

Shipping Costs

Our shipping costs are flat-rate fees starting at 35 dollars for orders up to $1000.

Ten dollars is added to the fee for every $1000 spent. For example, if you spend $2000 – $2999, shipping will be $55.

For individual orders in the CS-Direct Team Store, shipping is $30 per individual if they would like their part of the order shipped directly to them.