Featured in the first installment of our Local Artist Series is Joel Anderson, a tattoo artist based in Lincoln, Nebraska. His artwork ranges from abstract-shape paintings to old-school, traditionally-styled tattoo art.

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When the pandemic put tattooing on pause in April, Joel took his art, and all the good vibes it brings, to the community with a fence mural. The mural features bright and colorful shapes, true to Joel’s abstract artwork style. 

“I wanted to give people something to look at and take their minds off of things, spread positive vibes, and keep my hands busy,” said Joel. Joel spent eight hours a day, for a week, bringing the mural to life. You can purchase the fence design in a mask or gaiter, along with another pieces of Joel’s art.

About the Local Artist Series

The Local Artist Series features outstanding local Nebraska artists. During the pandemic, the series displays the artist’s work on masks and gaiters, to spread more good vibes than COVID-19. Proceeds of the sale go directly back to the artist.

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