Photos by Samantha Odvody Photography

Amber, who is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, was raised around artists. She was drawn to Anime art and began drawing in this Genre in 2013 while also honing her graphic design and painting skills along the way.

When she first began, Amber enjoyed making small comics for herself and her friends to enjoy. Art is her main passion, but she also revels in science and writing.

Amber is inspired by the world around her and by historical events that shaped contemporary society. She is captivated by the deep emotions people express through their actions and words. While busy drawing up characters and writing stories in her free time, Amber hopes she will one day share her stories with the world.

“The design I made was for MMIW, Missing, and Murdered Indigenous Women. Indigenous Women all over the Americas go missing and murdered at higher rates than other women, twelve times more likely, in fact. My contribution to the movement is my art and my support for the people,” shared Amber


About the Local Artist Series

The Local Artist Series features outstanding local Nebraska artists. During the pandemic, the series displays the artist’s work on masks and gaiters, to spread more good vibes than COVID-19. Proceeds of the sale go directly back to the artist.