Each custom apparel design is different, whether you’re looking to recreate a classic or conjure something entirely new. Here is the complete guide to creating a custom design for Champion System apparel.

Free design, always.

Start with an idea or download the templates and create it all yourself; either way, you control the process. At no cost, our in-house designers will produce proofs of the apparel you are ordering based off your ideas.


  • No Design Set-Up Fees
  • Unlimited Colors & Printing Placements
  • No Cost for Changes

STEP 1: Dialing in the digital proofs. 

It’s all about the digital proofs. Each apparel item you want to order will have a proof for you to approve during the order process, and what’s on the proof is what will print.

Accurate digital proofs start with artwork and colors. Before we can proof your design, we need:


  • Any logo, image, pattern must be in vector format (.ai, .eps, or pdf).
  • Colors need to be submitted as a coated Pantone, for example, PMS 2767c instead of “Navy Blue”.

Let's talk vector files.

Most logos and graphics pulled from places such as websites or business cards are low resolution. Meaning if printed, they would appear grainy or blurry. We will not produce a design with non-vector artwork.


Vector format files (usually .ai, .eps, or .pdf) can be resized or manipulated without loss of image quality. For crisp and clean imagery – make sure it’s vector.

When you look at colors on a screen, they can change based off of what screen you’re using, even if people use the same model screen, colors can still vary.

What is Pantone, and how do I use it?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color system to ensure color accuracy.

When you look at colors on a screen, they can change based on the screen. Even when it’s the same type of device, colors can still vary.

Because of that, we match each color to a Pantone.

 Take a look at the Pantone Color System to choose colors for your design.

How do I know my Pantone code?

Look at the Pantone Color System when choosing your colors and keep in mind this chart is digital – for best results, you can find a printed Pantone book at an art store.

If you’re using a company’s or organization’s color scheme, ask them for their Pantone codes.

And, you can always ask your account manager for a recommendation.

Step 2: Pick a Pre-Dyed Color

Center panels on all cycling and triathlon bibs, shorts, tights and suits are intentionally crafted with pre-dyed lycra, which cannot be customized.

Choose from our seven pre-dyed lycra colors to pair with your custom design. 

Pre-Dyed Lycra Color Options



PMS 354 Green

PMS 186 Red

PMS 2728 Blue

PMS 2767 Navy

Step 3: Choosing different Color Schemes

If you like, change the color scheme of a design without having to meet the minimums for each different color scheme. This option is great for:

  • Sell two different colors of branded bike shop apparel
  • If you’re not on a team – grab a friend, make a design, and each have a different color
  • Offer a different color of design for a special event

Step 4: It’s all in the details.

Finish off any design with your choice of flatlock stitching and/or zipper colors.

FlatLock Stitching Color Options



Dark Grey

Light Grey

PMS 186 Red

PMS 021 Orange

PMS 012 C Yellow

Neon Yellow

PMS 239 Pink

Neon Pink

PMS 268 Purple

PMS 2767 Navy

PMS 2728 Blue

PMS 5535 Green

PMS 2424 Green

PMS 375 Green

Zipper Color Options



PMS 021 Orange

PMS 186 Red

PMS 012 C Yellow

PMS 2718 Blue

PMS 2767 Navy