Watch the video with Managing Director of Champion System Australia, Chris Reynolds, as he takes you through our list of most frequently asked questions. Didn’t hear the answer to your question? See below for some of our more commonly asked questions and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Pricing & Ordering FAQs

How do I get started now?

The first step is to create an online account. There is no obligation and no cost to setup your account. Once you setup your account, your assigned Custom Apparel Specialist (CAS in ChampSys lingo) will reach out.

By setting up an account, you can get started on your design.

What are your order minimums?

We don’t have minimums on styles of items, but instead units. The standard pricing shown on the website is the per item price of ordering at least ten units.

Need fewer than ten items? We can do it, but the price per item will increase, so we recommend you start by talking to one of our account managers.

Any combination of units can meet the minimum. Whether it’s women’s or men’s, from different collections, a mix of suits, bibs, jerseys and a couple of blocks of accessories – it doesn’t matter, as long as you order at least ten units.

By counting units, instead of items, it makes customizing your order to the individual needs of your team, club, or event attendees possible without any extra cost.

What is a unit?

All of our main items such as jerseys, singlets, shorts, and jackets are classified as one unit.
All of our accessories can be ordered in 5 item blocks of the same product – also equal to one unit.

What is the difference between a CS-Direct Team Store order and a Standard Manager order?

A CS-Direct Team Store allows your teammates or group members to access the design proofs in an online, temporary storefront. They will be able to shop for themselves and pay for their order while the store is active.

Once the store closes (a date you choose), meaning members can’t shop anymore, all items ordered will be produced together. This way, you don’t need to worry about collecting order information and payment, while still getting all of the order information pulled together.

A ‘Standard’ manager order is where you bypass the store process and merely place a bulk order on behalf of your team or company.

The pricing is the same for both order types, so choose the option that best suits your needs!

What is your lead time?

Champion System has a delivery turnaround time of 4-5 weeks once your order is submitted. We also have an express shipping option to receive your order in 2-3 weeks. Contact your account manager to discuss your deadline and delivery options.

What does your pricing include?

Our pricing is fully inclusive. Unlimited colors and no set up fees. Standard pricing start when you order at least 10 units.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are based on dollar value of order, see shipping policy at the footer of this page for full details.

What artwork do I need to provide to get my design started?

At Champion System all we need from you is an idea or a concept, we can then take those ideas and turn it into reality for you. Your ideas can be conveyed by a sketch drawing, pictures, photos – any way you can get your design concept across to us – we will then create design proofs based on that input and go from there.

Please also ensure your logos are in vector format. Find out more about artwork requirements and file types.

How do I determine my size?

You can find our sizing guides hereThe guides are based on estimates and should be used as a general guide.

We recommend physically trying on our apparel to determine the perfect fit for you. Contact us to arrange a CS Fit session or a sizing pack. Using a combination of these size charts and CS Sample packs will provide a good idea of the size you should order.

Artwork & Design FAQs

What artwork do I need to provide to get my design started?

At Champion System, we have a couple of options when it comes to design.
We offer free design support if you know what you want your design to be, and you’d like to direct the design process. We have in-house technical designers who will help you get your design from draft to factory proofs, ready to be printed.

If you just can’t come up with any ideas or you do have an idea and you want a seasoned pro to take charge of your design concepts, we offer professional custom design services through Pfaltzgraphic. They will create unique design options for you to choose from and apply the chosen design to the apparel you’d like to order.

Either way, at Champion System, we understand it’s essential to have the right design.

I know how I’d like my design to look, but I am not a designer, will I be charged a design fee?

No, absolutely not. As always, if you would like to direct the design process, our technical design staff can help you achieve the result you are aiming for free of charge.


If you don't charge for technical design services, what are the custom design services for?

If you just can’t come up with any ideas on your own and you want a seasoned pro to take charge of your design concepts, Pfaltzgraphic can create some unique design options for you to choose from and apply the chosen design to the custom apparel you’d like to order.

The fee for this creative assistance is just $325 if your final order is under $3000. If your first order from these new designs goes over $3000, that design work from industry veterans is on the house!



How do I know if my logos are vector files?

If the file you have ends in .JPG, .GIF .or BMP, it is definitely not a vector file. If the file ends in .AI, .EPS or .PDF, it’s most likely vector. If you’re not sure if your logo is vector, email the logo to your account manager and they will be able to help you.

Note: The file type can’t be changed by just renaming the file to .EPS, .PDF, or .AI. This will corrupt the file, and most programs won’t even open the file after that happens.

What is a vector file?

Vector art is created in a vector-based software program like Adobe Illustrator and usually have file endings like .EPS or .AI (mylogo.eps, or mylogo.ai). Vector files use mathematical equations to draw lines to ensure the image can be scaled easily – for when we’re putting it on your garments.

When the vector logo is enlarged, it stays crisp and clean. When the raster logo is enlarged, it becomes distorted. If you send us a .JPG logo and we enlarge it to fit on your uniform, it will become distorted.

I have logos from a website. Will those work?

Website images are designed to load up quickly, which means they are low resolution and we can’t use them.

How about business cards. Can you use those?

Sorry, business card images are also low resolution and won’t work.

I don’t have vector logos. What should I do?

Contact your sponsor and ask them to email you their vector logo. Most likely they have one on file, as vector logos are needed for all printing needs. If you absolutely can’t get vector logos, let your account manager know and they can help provide you with options. We do offer to redraw logos, within reason, free of charge.

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