Finding the perfect balance of layers during the colder months is an art in itself. Our range of fall and winter apparel is designed for the demands of athletes wanting to get outside in all conditions.


The days grow shorter, leaves start to turn, and the air is often cool. These days are spent fending off the crisp wind with lightly insulated pieces to avoid overheating.

Performance Intermediate Jacket

The Performance Intermediate Jacket works perfectly as a standalone thermal long-sleeve jersey or a base layer for deep winter rides.

Performance Wind Vest

For those days when you’re not sure if you need a jacket or just a jersey. The Performance Wind Vest has a two-way zipper, lightweight fabric, and a high collar.

Performance+ ECO Jersey

A lightweight, seamless neck gaiter pairs well with any activity to add a bit of protection in cooler temps.

Pre-made neck gaiters are also available.


When temperatures dip into the harshest days of winter, the gear you wear outside needs to provide the perfect balance of warmth, protection, and breathability.

Apex Winter Jacket

For the coldest of days, the Apex Winter Jacket is waterproof, windproof, and the warmest custom cycling jacket we make.

Performance Winter Vest

A warm, yet breathable soft shell vest with the ability to manage moisture and keep the internal climate warm, but dry.

Performance Cyclocross Skinsuit

The Performance Cyclocross Skinsuit is entirely fleece-lined and will stand up to every demand of the coldest days of cyclocross season.

Apex Winter Bib Tights

The Apex Winter Bib Tights are lined with CS WinterFleece, a 3-layer, winter fleece fabric, to keep you warm, while making the tights breathable and moisture-wicking.

Performance Euro Winter Cap

The Performance Euro Winter Cap can be worn under your helmet or as a stand-alone cap for runs during cool or cold conditions.


Winter and fall bring ever changing weather and tempature, so these picks are geared towards versatility and will prove valuable throughout the year as well.

Copenhagen Inter Jacket

Fleece-lined and fully customizable, is perfect for a wide range of cooler temperatures from cold podiums to crisp morning runs.

Base Layer Pro Sleeveless – Full Custom

Designed to keep moisture away from the body, the Pro Base Layer is a staple not only when you’re bundled up, but into the warmer months, too.

Performance Winter Bib Shorts

Paired with a set of leg warmers the Performance Winter Bibs work from to freezing temps to the cooler days in the 50s.