CS Direct Team Store

A store to place, manage, and ship individual orders

Have you had to deal with the hassle of collecting orders from all your members, then follow up with each one for payment, only to spend hours separating your order to hand to everyone? Choose the CS-Direct Team Store for your order and your team can place their orders and receive their kits individually.


ARtwork & Design

As a team or club manager, you work with us to create a custom design as usual.

We offer free design support if you know what you want your design to be, and you’d like to direct the design process.

Set Up Your Store

You can either apply your design to our full catalog of products or choose specific products you’d like available in the store. Either way, your members will have a straightforward shopping experience, that you don’t need to manage! You can also choose to set up custom pricing for your team or organization.

Invite Your Team

Once you confirm your store and approve the digital proofs, we will create a unique store for your team or organization. Just send out an email or place the link on your social pages and you can start taking orders!

Team Places Orders

Your teammates and members can access the store in their own time, and select the items, size, and quantities they want. When it comes to checking out, they pay directly via our online shopping cart for minimum hassle.

When you have accepted all of your orders, notify us, and we will take your order and put it into production.


Receive Your New Gear

Your order will be individually wrapped, for each member, according to what they ordered. You can even choose to have the products shipped to one location, or individually straight to each member.

Team Store Details

Minimum Total Orders

 Your group will need to order at least ten units for new orders, and five for reorders. All of our main items such as jerseys, singlets, shorts, and jackets are classified as one unitAll of our accessories can be ordered in 5 item blocks – also equal to one unit.


Once the order is submitted, it usually takes about four-five weeks for us to produce and deliver your apparel. 

Refund and Exchange

There are no refunds or exchanges on CS Direct orders as all garments are made to order. We will replace or repair any garments that fall short of our Quality Commitment.