Worn to WorldTour victory, this product round-up consists of our fastest, most technical gear. Developed for years to save you seconds, it’s the gear of choice for some of the fastest folks around.

The Pro Peloton’s Kit

For InstaFund Racing, aerodynamics and comfort are key whether they’re sprinting for the finish or spending hours in the saddle stage after stage.


Apex+ Aero Jersey

An aerodynamic race jersey meant for the fastest rides.

Apex+ Bib Short

Reshaped for an aerodynamic fit, the Apex+ Bibs are built for all-day comfort.

Apex Summer Skinsuit

Comfortable, aero and cooling, the Apex Summer Skinsuit is made to save you seconds.

Apex Aero Race Socks

It’s in the details. The Apex Aero Race Socks are made with aerodynamic ribbed lycra in a 6-inch cuff.

Gravel Grinding to Glory

Long hours of dirt roads call for comfortable and lightweight apparel ready to perform in any conditions gravel throws your way.

Performance Endurance Bib Shorts

A fully customizable mesh side pockets make it easy to carry extra snacks for the long, gravel racing days.

Performance Skinsuit

The Performance Skinsuit comes with the option to add rear pockets, making it a go-to for those starting to focus on speed in gravel racing.

Apex+ Lite Jersey

An ultra-lightweight road cycling jersey has turned into our go-to for the hottest days on the gravel roads. 

For Mud-Filled Racing

Cyclocross racing is grueling, in the effort, conditions and our cyclocross gear is designed to stand up to every demand will throw at you. 

Performance Cyclocross Lite Skinsuit

The go-to skinsuit of Katie Compton, the Performance Cyclocross Skinsuit brings a two-piece front panel design for increased mobility and comfort.

Cyclocross Tights

For pre-rides and podiums, the Cyclocross Tights have a full length side zipper making them easy to take off and put on.

Performance Intermediate Jacket

Form-fitting and fleece-lined, the Performance Intermediate Jacket is an incredibly versatile layer perfect for changing conditions.