Retaining all the favorite features, the new Apex+, Performance+, and Tech+ cycling ranges bring updated features, perfected fits, and new high-performing fabrics.

Apex+ Collection

Our Apex Range is second to none. Elite fitting, sweat-wicking, highly breathable, lightweight, the cycling jerseys feature new aerodynamic fabrics and a reworked fit.

Apex+ Aero Jersey

An aerodynamic race jersey meant for the fastest rides.

Apex+ Pro Jersey *New*

Your favorite, go-to jersey – day in and day out.

Apex+ Lite Jersey

An ultralight jersey made for training and racing in the hottest conditions.

Apex+ Bib Short

Reshaped for an aerodynamic fit, the Apex+ Bibs are built for all-day comfort.

Performance+ Collection

Redesigned with lighter and more breathable performance fabrics, the Performance+ Collection feature the most versatile, value-packed items in the Champion System Range.

Performance Endurance Bib Shorts

Matching our Performance Bibs’ proven fit and style, the Endurance Bib Shorts feature a durable, customizable, mesh pocket that adds storage capacity without compromising on fit or performance.

Performance+ Jersey

Redesigned with lighter and more breathable performance fabrics, the Performance+ Jersey is the most versatile, value-packed jersey in the Champion System range.

Tech+ Jersey

By far the most popular item, the Tech+ is a classic cycling jersey with a comfortable fit made for every rider and every road available in three different sleeve lengths.

Tech+ Jersey

An evolution of Champion System’s practical, comfortable and most-loved jersey, the Tech+ Jersey is an all-round jersey with a dual-fabric design.

Tech+ Sleeveless Jersey

Suited for the everyday cyclist, the design is focused on all-day comfort, versatility, and quality.

Tech+ Long Sleeve Jersey *New*

The Tech+ Long Sleeve Jersey performs in all conditions, no matter what the road throws at you.