You’re in control of the design process at Champion System. Start with an idea, or download our templates to create it all yourself; either way, we’re here to help dwitho the heavy lifting and make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

What’s the secret? As it turns out, it’s pretty simple. Check out these few, but crucial tips, below to flow through the customs apparel process like a pro.

1. Create a separate artboard for all your logos and Pantone colors when designing in Adobe Illustrator

When uploading your design for proofing in your account, also upload the artboard with all your vectorized logos and Pantone colors.

It gives our art department exactly what they need to get the details right – saving you time in the proofing process.

2. Convert all fonts or type to outline

You know when you open up a document in the program, saying “fonts not found”?

To save a back and forth step between you and the art department – convert all fonts and type to outline before uploading your design for proofing. 

How to convert font to outlines in Adobe Illustrator: Select all type on your design > Type Menu > Create Outlines



3. Different types of fabric print color differently.

Some fabrics accept ink better than others. Leg grippers, higher lycra count fabrics (such as the lycra for tech bibs vs. the lycra for apex bibs) can change the color value/hue even when using the exact same color codes.

Don’t rely on the color or brightness of a screen to accurately show how color will look on fabric.

You can request a printed color swatch sample (approx. $17) to determine color. 

Ask your account manager about ordering a color swatch.