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No Extra Charges!

  • We do not charge by color.The above prices are for designs with an unlimited amount of colors.

  • We do not charge extra for full length or 3/4 length zippers.

  • We do not charge extra if the front and back of the jersey are different.

  • We do not charge extra for artwork on long sleeves.

  • We do not charge extra for colored lycra shorts.

  • We do not charge extra for back panels or leg bands on the shorts.

  • There are NO SET-UP CHARGES!


To place an order with Champion System you need to order only 10 of any same-style item to get started. After that, you can order any main item one at a time. Confused? Here are some examples of acceptable orders:

    • 10 short sleeve jerseys, 1 long sleeve jersey, 1 vest
    • 10 bib shorts, 1 skinsuit, 1 short sleeve jersey, 1 winter jacket
    • 10 wind jackets, 1 wind vest, 1 bib short, 1 bib knicker

The minimum for most accessories (caps, shoe covers, arm/leg warmers, gloves) is 10 pieces per style. The minimum for socks is 50 pair.