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Ready to Tri

Ready to Tri

At Champion System, all of our triathlon garments have been race tested and proven, and are built with the highest quality technical fabrics, design, and construction. Our range is categorized into two distinct collections, enabling every athlete to easily determine what style of garment is best for their individual needs.

Apex – Race Engineered

For the Elite/Pro Athlete - Innovative, hydrophobic, and very form fitting for the ultimate in performance across all three disciplines. It features a selection of race proven, technical fabrics, coupled with articulated paneling and construction.

  • Elite/Pro Athlete
  • Innovative
  • hydrophobic
  • Very form fitting
  • Premium Italian fabrics
  • The ultimate in performance

Performance - Feature Packed Value

For the New And Experienced athlete. The Performance collections achieves the perfect balance between feature packed, technical execution and practicality. This line is designed with somewhat of a more forgiving fit, providing a little more stretch than what is offered in Apex.

  • New/Experienced athletes
  • Premium fabrics
  • More forgiving fit
  • Perfect mix of features and value
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