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2012 New Zealand Custom Price List

Note: All freight and import duties are included in the price but are exclusive of GST.

For orders over 100 pieces per style, please email Chris Reynolds at chrisr@champ-sys.com for a custom quote.

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Cycling Jerseys

Short Sleeve Jersey


Long Sleeve Jersey


Sleeveless Jersey


BMX / Downhill Jersey


"Mini" Jersey


Cycling Bottoms

Regular Shorts


Bib Shorts


Fleece Bib Tights


Fleece Bib Knickers


Lycra Bib Knickers


Cycling Skinsuits

Short Sleeve Skinsuit


Long Sleeve Skinsuit


Cyclo-Cross Skinsuit


Cycling Jackets & Vests

CS Tech Fleece Jacket


WindGuard Wind Jacket


WindGuard Wind Vest


ThermoShield Winter Jacket


ThermoShield Winter Vest


Cycling Accessories - Warmers

Lycra Arm Warmers


Lycra Knee Warmers


Lycra Leg Warmers


Fleece Arm Warmers


Fleece Knee Warmers


Fleece Leg Warmers


Cycling Accessories - Gloves

Cycling Gloves


Winter Gloves


Cycling Accessories - Shoe Covers

Lycra Shoe Covers


Fleece Shoe Covers


Cycling Accessories - Headwear

Euro Cycling Cap


Tech Cycling Cap


Fleece Cap


Euro Winter Hat


Tech Bandanna


Cycling Accessories - Socks

Cycling Socks


Cycling Accessories - Base Layers

Sleeveless Base Layer


Short Sleeve Base Layer


Long Sleeve Base Layer



Tri Top


Tri Short


Tri Suit


Running Singlet


Casual Clothing

Tech T-Shirt


Tech Polo Shirt


Tech Euro Shirt


Tech Mechanic Shirt


Casual Jacket


No Extra Charges!

While our prices are very competitive we truly pride ourselves on our high-quality garments and the extras we provide at no extra cost. 

Here's what sets us apart from our competitors:

  • We do not charge by color. Five colors or 500 colors — it's the same price.
  • We do not charge extra for full zippers. 
  • We do not charge extra for a radio pocket on our bib short — it's a standard feature! 
  • We do not charge extra to add an internal pocket on our skinsuits — it's a standard feature! Most companies charge $10 extra per skinsuit to add a pocket.
  • We do not charge extra for special color matching. We use the Pantone Color Matching System, which means we can print virtually any color. Some of our competitors charge $100 per color if you want a special color that they don't offer.
  • We do not charge extra for colored lycra. Some of our competitors charge $10 extra per short, bib short and skinsuit if you want another color besides black. Now that can really add up!
  • We do not charge extra for different short panel options. Our T-panel, wrap panel and U-panel options are all the same price. Would you believe some companies even charge extra for this?
  • We do not charge extra for large sizes such as 3XL or 4XL. 
  • We do not charge extra to upgrade to a better chamois. Why? Because we offer only one top-quality Italian chamois. It's the same chamois our sponsored pro teams Value Acf Capital and Jelly Belly race in. You'll use the same chamois that has won stages in the Tour of Georgia and Tour of California as well as numerous National and World Championship titles.  Think about it — if a company is asking you to pay extra for another chamois, what does that say about the chamois you are not paying extra for?


To place an order with Champion System, you need to order only 10 of any same-style item to get started. After that, you can order any main item one at a time. Confused? Here are some examples of acceptable orders:

  • 10 short sleeve jerseys, 1 long sleeve jersey, 1 vest
  • 10 bib shorts, 1 skinsuit, 1 short sleeve jersey, 1 winter jacket
  • 10 wind jackets, 1 wind vest, 1 bib short, 1 bib knicker

The minimum for most accessories (caps, shoe covers, arm/leg warmers, gloves) is 10 pieces per style. The minimum for socks is 50 pair.

Questions? Email Chris Reynolds at chrisr@champ-sys.com