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As a company of cyclists, safety while riding is always one of our top concerns. Our goal with CS Vivid was to create a product that allows the rider to be seen on the road while also keep their design on the apparel. CS Vivid is a fabric that lights up when light hits the fabric while keeping the jersey or short design. This is not just bright colored fabric, neon highlights, or piping, but rather CS Vivid is a fully customizable fabric that glows when light hits it.

This innovative fabric helps a rider be seen on the road and looking good at lunch after the ride. Rather than a small fluorescent detailing or patch, Reflect Plus takes the reflective property to the next level. The fabric is placed in places on the apparel that move, so when light hits the apparel, it creates a moving light that can be seen by drivers.


  • Printable fabric with hundreds of reflective dots that amplify light to keep you safe on the road
  • CS Vivid option is available on cycling jerseys, jackets, bibs, and tights
  • Reflect Plus option available on the pockets of “tops” and the rear panel of “bottoms” ensuring maximum exposure and safety
  • During daylight hours your design is not affected


NOTE: due to the makeup of the fabric the color depth on the fabric can be different