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An Important Note About Our Delivery Time

Our current lead time is 6-8 weeks from proof approval. Please plan ahead when submitting your order. Need it faster? Click here to learn about our CS Express program. Your order will be shipped in about 2 weeks but is costs more.

Regarding Our Proofing Process

It is not necessary to supply designs for every item you are ordering. We use the same artwork for all "tops" (jerseys, jackets) and all "bottoms" (bib shorts, bib tights ). Your cycling jersey will look like your jacket (just without sleeves) and your bib shorts will look like your tights. We will need artwork for accessories, but even some of these items can use the same design. 

Please note that the Champion System logo must appear on the upper chest area (left or right) and on the center of lower back. The Champion System logo must also appear on the inside thigh panels and on the short back panel.

Not a Graphic Designer?

No problem! Click here to check out our new online CS-Design lab.



Short / Long Sleeve Jersey (Tech / AirLite / Summer / AirPro / Edge / TechFleece / TechFleece Lite)

Sleeveless Jersey (Tech / Summer) download
Razor Lite Short Sleeve Jersey download
Weather Guard Jersey (Short and Long Sleeve) download
Razor Carbon Short Sleeve Jersey download

BMX / Downhill Jersey


Trail Jersey (Short, 3/4, Long Sleeve) download
Donna Forte Bella Jersey & Cycle Shorts download
Donna Forte Razor Bella Jersey & Bib Shorts download


WindGuard Vest download
ThermoShield Vest download
Seamless Clear Rain Vest download
Repel Jacket download
WindGuard Jacket

Seamless Clear Rain Jacket download
TechFleece Jacket

TechFleece Mock Turtleneck download
ThermoShield Winter Jacket

ThermoShield Pro Winter Jacket download
Neoprene / TechFleece Jacket

Hybrid Jacket download


Cycling Shorts / Bib Shorts

The following templates can be used for both shorts and bib shorts in our standard, Edge, TechFleece or Summer models. You can also specify your flatlock stitching color if you plan to order our Edge model shorts or bib shorts.

Razor Bib Shorts download
Bib Knickers (Lycra / Fleece)
Fleece Bib Tights
Neoprene/TechFleece Bib Tights download
Cyclocross/MTB Tight download
Casual Short download
Trail Short download
Women's Specific Bottom download
Bmx / Downhill Short download
Bmx / Downhill Pant download
Donna Forte Bella Razor Bib Short download


Short Sleeve Speed Suit download
Long Sleeve Speed Suit download
Carbon Rear Zipper Speed Suit download
Carbon Speed Suit download

Short / Long Sleeve Skinsuit

The following templates can be used for our standard lycra or cyclocross fleece models.

Distance Short / Long Sleeve Skinsuit
Custom Summer Race Suit

Apex Race Suit

The following template can be used for our standard lycra or summer models.

Donna Forte Bella Short Sleeve Skin Suit download




Muscle Guard Compression Tights download
Performance Sports Bra download
Thermal Long Sleeve Base Layer download
Sleeveless Base Layer download
Lycra Arm Warmers download
Fleece Arm Warmers download
Lycra Knee Warmers download
Fleece Knee Warmers download
Lycra Leg Warmers download
Fleece Leg Warmers download
Summer Cycling Gloves download
Race Cycling Gloves download
Time Trial Gloves download
TechFleece Cycling Gloves download
Winter Gloves (ThermoShield and Neoprene) download
Knitted Socks 1" Cuff download
Knitted Socks 2"-4" Cuff download
Knitted Socks 6" Cuff download
Sublimated Socks 1" Cuff download
Sublimated Socks 2" - 4" Cuff download
Sublimated Socks 6" Cuff downoad
Elite Pro Cycling Socks download
Shoe Covers (Lycra / Fleece / Speed / Neoprene) download
Euro Cycling Cap (Standard / WindGuard / Fleece) download
Tech Cycling Cap download
Euro-Style Winter Cycling Cap download
Tech Bandanna download
Skull Cap (Tech / Fleece) download
TechFleece Headband download
Winter Training Hat download
TechFleece Balaclava download
Mussette Bag download
Race Numbers (with CS Logo) - save up to $.05 per number! download
Race Numbers (without CS Logo) download




Technical Performance Sleeveless Top download
Technical Performance Short Sleeve Top download
Technical Performance Long Sleeve Top
Tech Polo Shirt
Tech Mechanic Shirt
Hoodie Sweatshirt download
Hoodie Jacket (Tech / WindGuard) download
Casual Jacket (Tech / WindGuard)
Parka Jacket download


Tech Casual Pant download
WindGuard Casual Pant


Visor Cap download
Baseball Cap download
Transformer Cap download
Mobile and PDA Cover download
Notebook Cover download
Messenger Bag download



 Questions? Please email