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 Ordering Custom Clothing Just Got Easier! 


Don’t have the time to manage your group’s clothing order?  Tired of chasing team members for payments? CS Direct takes the work out of ordering for your team, club or group by having individual members order and pay for their own clothing order.  It’s that simple! You can easily track and manage your clothing order all in one place.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Once you have approved all your designs, simply select the designs you'd like to offer from your portfolio and click the CS Direct button to activate your CS Direct storefront. 
Step 2 – Invite your group to login and purchase clothing using their own credit card.  Each team member will create a secure and private password.  Individual members will be able to see the designs you are offering and can order any garment from the Champion System range.
Step 3 – Your CS Direct store will close on the date you chose.  All individual orders will be automatically collected and sent to production and your order will be shipped in approximately 6-8 weeks.


You can now set custom pricing and product selection for your CS Direct order. Your group can earn a profit on each individual order. Once your order has shipped, we'll issue you a check for your profit. Use your profit for your favorite charity, to fund your team's junior program or your season-end party!


We now offer 2 shipping options for you to choose from!
- Group Shipping:  Order will group ship to a single address, bundled and labeled individually within the box.
- Individual Shipping:  Orders will ship individually, direct to your team members.

CS Direct service fees and conditions

Click here for detailed information on CS Direct fees and conditions.

CS Direct Pricing

Click here for our downloadable CS Direct Pricelist.

Please contact with any further questions