Leonardo Chacón Corrales

Nationality Costa Rica DOB 6/29/1984
Height   Weight  
Speciality Olympic    


Born in a small country in Central America, Costa Rica, a country without an army full of nature and people “Pura Vida” the greeting of the Ticos.


He has lived as a child away from the capital, in Liberia, very close to the beaches, the heat and sun. His parents instilled in him from childhood the importance of sport. His father Rafael was cyclist and runner. His entire family has practice sports, his two brothers and sister included.


Since I was 6 years old I chose to swim with a team and when I was 10 I saw my father do a long distance triathlon even though my father was not training in swimming. That marked my life and my sporting future; my father is a hero to me for his courage and dedication. So that’s how I started in triathlon and as a child I won all races and thanks to this sport for the first time I got out of the country and flew in an airplane. This was magic for me. This was my first international event in Cuba and I won.


Since then my dream became a purpose, every day I fight back fatigue, the hardness of my training, every day I want to be faster and go further.


Now I live 5 hours from my family home but next to my coach MSC Roberto Solano. I live in a cold climate and an altitude of 2200m. The change has been hard for me since I was always in my surf shorts and sandals. Now I wear pants, shoes and Sweaters.


I want to accomplish my dream; I want to stop doing what I did as a child, watch the Olympics on television. I struggle every day to be in London 2012