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 Ordering Custom Clothing Just Got Easier! 


Don’t have the time to manage your group’s clothing order?  Tired of chasing team members for payments? CS Direct takes the work out of ordering for your team, club or group by having individual members order and pay for their own clothing order.  It’s that simple! You can easily track and manage your clothing order all in one place. To get started simply contact your custom apparel specialist and they will enable CS Direct within your account.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Once you have approved all your designs contact your assigned Custom Apparel Specialist to activate your CS Direct storefront. 
Step 2 – Invite your group to login and purchase clothing using their own credit card.  Each team member will create a secure and private password.  Individual members will be able to see the designs you are offering and can order any garment from the Champion System range.
Step 3 – Your CS Direct store will close on the date you chose.  All individual orders will be automatically collected and sent to production and your order will be shipped in approximately 6-8 weeks. All orders will be individually packaged for easy distribution.  

CS Direct Services and Fees

A 10% service fee is applied to the final cost of each individual order during checkout.

Minimum total order requirement

Our low 10 piece, same-style main item minimum order applies to CS-Direct orders as well. Please note that if the 10-piece minimum is not met, the initial deposit will be non-refundable.


A $250 deposit is required. The $250 is refunded once your order meets the 10 piece, same-style main item required minimum order.


Quoted turnaround for CS Direct is 6-8 weeks from the order closing date you chose. It is the team administrator's responsibility to make the team aware of the turnaround time so they order accordingly. 

Refund/Exchange Policy

There are no refunds or exchanges on CS Direct orders as all garments are made to order and are not kept in stock. Please feel free to contact you sales representative for a sizing kit if you feel that your team's sizing will be an issue. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of Champion System.

Please contact with any further questions.







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