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About Our Chamois Pads

CS Performance Pad

The pad that has been worn to victories in races around the world, the CS Performance SCT (Seamless Comfort Technology) Pad is a revolutionary, 100%-seamless, multi-density, Italian 4-Way Pad. What truly sets our new pad apart is that it's a stretch pad. That's right — an elastic chamois. Why is this important? As you ride and your legs go round and round, you need a pad that moves and conforms. Traditional pads stay in one place. Ours doesn't. The first time you ride in our stretch 4-Way Pad — you will immediately feel the difference! 

Our 4-Way Pad is BIOAKTIV. Unlike other pads that are labeled as "antibacterial," our pad uses no chemical substance on the fabric, and no chemical substance is near your skin.  BIOAKTIV prevents the formation of bacteria, thanks to silver ions in the yarn. Unlike a chemical substance on the fabric, this is permanent; it does not disappear after washing! Available in men's and women's versions. Made in Italy.




CS Endurance Pad 

Designed for long-distance racing and training, the CS Endurance Pad features increased padding in the most critical areas to provide hours of comfort. Our exclusive Seamless Comfort Technology (SCT) ensures the pad will conform to your body by eliminating all seams while still offering maximum breathability. Available for men and women. Made in Italy.


Saddle Test:
This test has been specially developed to reveal
pressure recorded on the saddle during riding thanks to sensors fixed on
the saddle surface. The data is recorded in real time then analyzed to determine whether body weight is evenly distributed over the saddle surface area and reveal any critical area that could cause discomfort or even be detrimental to a cyclist's health.

Thermo Camera:
The thermo camera is a particular type of camera that detects infrared radiation and takes thermographic photos or videos thereby creating a "body map" of the temperature of a given cycling both before and after riding. Its purpose is to detect areas of potential overheating.

Moisture Detector:
The moisture detector is a special device that detects the extent to which moisture is present on the surface of or inside a cycling pad. Thanks to the data recorded, the moisture wicking characteristics of materials used in the construction of a given pad can be measured and analyzed. Fabrics with good moisture wicking characteristics ensure the rapid expulsion of moisture away from the body, reducing condensation from sweat, keeping the skin dry and
therefore helping to maintain a constant body temperature.


*Please note that there is a $10 upcharge for the Endurance Chamois.

Men's Endurance Pad

Women's Endurance Pad 

Which Pad is Right for Me?

Choosing a chamois is a personal choice and we want to emphasize that neither the CS Performance or CS Endurance pad  is “better” than the other. We offer only the finest Italian pads so both models are of the highest quality. If you prefer a closer feel to the saddle then perhaps the CS Performance pad will be more to your liking. If you prefer a chamois with enhanced padding then  the CS Endurance pad might be your choice. If you are still not sure please speak to one of our Custom Apparel Specialists who will be more than happy to explain the features of each pad.



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