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The Custom Design Process

The Process

At Champion System, we offer full digital sublimation printing, allowing us to bring virtually any design to life. Unlike traditional sublimation where one set of artwork is used for every size and garment, we prepare separate artwork for every garment and every size. This means that your artwork will look just as fantastic on an XS jersey as it will on an XXXL jacket. It allows your design to cross seams, and can even accurately reproduce designs that contain photographs*, fades, and halftones. Please view the Artwork Requirements section for acceptable files and formats.


Two Ways to Create

You have two options in creating your design. You can either download a blank design template, or utilize our free online Design Lab.

  • Design Templates
    • Best if you have design skills, or have access to a designer.
    • Our blank design templates can be downloaded here. They can also be downloaded directly from the respective product description page for each garment.
    • Our preferred formats are AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PDF files with “Preserve Illustrator editing capabilities” (check this option when saving the file as an Adobe PDF).
    • Please use Pantone colors, and specify the exact PMS value for each color used. Click here to reference our Pantone color chart. We also accept colors in CMYK values.

  • Free Online Design Lab
    • Best if you don’t have access to a graphic designer, or if you’re not even sure what you want your design to look like, yet. 
    • Utilize our very intuitive and robust Free Online Design Lab that allows you to create a fully custom 3D design complete with your own logos, text, and colors.
    • To take advantage of our Design Lab’s full functionality, simply create a free account and get started.

Something to Keep in Mind When You’re Designing Cycling or Tri Shorts

For most cycling and triathlon bottoms, the printable areas are the side, bottom, and upper back panels unless otherwise indicated. For the main base color, you can choose from one of our 7 pre-dyed lycra colors – royal blue, navy blue, red, green, gray, and black. The Pantone numbers for each of these colors can be found on the short’s respective design template. We recommend using the same Pantone numbers in the “tops” for an exact match. Click here to view the available colors and the areas where we can print. 


Artwork Requirements

Logos and Artwork

We are happy to work with virtually any type of logo or artwork as long as it is in an acceptable file type. For best results with your custom clothing, we strongly recommend files to be in Vector format. This means that they can be resized and manipulated without losing resolution allowing them to look sharp and clear on your custom clothing.

The following file types are preferred:

  • Adobe Illustrator – AI files
  • Encapsulated Post Script - .EPS files
  • High resolution (over 300 dpi) - .PDF files

What is vector artwork?

A Word about Colors

Generally, PMS colors and CMYK colors can vary depending on the fabric used, inks used, and method of printing. At Champion System we use the latest, state of the art digital sublimation technology, with the finest quality inks and fabrics, however the same PMS or CMYK color may vary slightly in appearance across different types of fabrics due to their individual  properties (ie. weight, density, thread count, texture, etc…). If you are not 100% certain about the colors you have provided us, talk to your CAS about a possible preproduction sample.

We are Here to Help You

If you have any questions regarding design or layout, please don’t hesitate to reach out to you CAS. We will be happy to answer your questions, and provide you with any ideas and guidance you may need.


*Ask your CAS for details on specific file requirements for utilizing photographs in your design